About Monarch

About Monarch

Crafting Dreams, Engineering Perfection: Monarch Yachts

About Us

Monarch Yachts is a young and dynamic company that committed to reinvent the world of luxury yachting.


Despite being a young company, Monarch Yachts is guided by a rich heritage of craftsmanship and engineering excellence. We are committed to building modern, bespoke solutions for our customers.


Our yachts are inspired by US Navy ships and other proven engineering principles, ensuring that they are stable, durable, and a pleasure to cruise. We also draw inspiration from nature, incorporating elements that enhance the beauty and functionality of our yachts.

Functional Design

Unlike other yacht companies who prioritize aesthetics over functionality, we believe in providing the best experience through functional design. We work closely with our customers to craft yachts that reflect their preferences, offering timeless beauty and top-of-the-line performance.

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