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The perfect harmony of luxury, performance, and comfort.

Concept & Design

The perfect ship for coastal cruising and island hoping, inspired by Gran Tourers.

Grand Tourer (GT) is reminiscent of an era where cars that had a combination of luxury, performance, and comfort were given this prestigious badge. Monarch Yachts presents the continuation of this tradition for the marine world.

With its small yet powerful performance, the Monarch GT 45 is designed for those seeking adventure along the coastlines and across island chains. Its compact size allows for nimble maneuvering, while still delivering exceptional performance on the open water. The Monarch GT 45 offers the perfect harmony of luxury, performance, and comfort, making it the ultimate choice for discerning yacht enthusiasts.


Compact size with impressive power for coastal exploration.

Despite its compact size, the Monarch GT 45 delivers impressive performance, making it ideal for navigating coastal waters and exploring secluded islands. Its powerful engines ensure a smooth and exhilarating ride, while its nimble handling allows for easy maneuvering in tight spaces.

Customizable engine placement for personalized performance.

The Monarch GT 45 offers the flexibility to choose between engines mounted on the back or other configurations, allowing owners to customize their yacht to suit their preferences. This option ensures that every Monarch GT 45 is tailored to meet the individual needs and desires of its owner, further enhancing the yacht's appeal and exclusivity.



Length O.A.
45'-1" (13.75 M)
Length Waterline
42'-4" (12.90 M)
Beam (Overall)
14' 4" / (4.37 M)
Draft (Full Load)
3”9 / (1.45 M)
Fuel Oil Capacity
500 Gals. (1,893 L)
Fresh Water Capacity
200 Gals. (757 L)
Grey Water Capacity
100 Gals. (379 L)
Other Storage
65 watertight compartments
28,000 lbs (Est)
Speed Max
26 Knots
Speed Cruise
22 Knots
2 x Yanmar diesel LBY 260 BHP @ 3500 RPM
Infused Vinyl ester Solid Bottom
gt 45 profile
gt 45 main deck
gt 45 below deck

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